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The Great Omission


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FREE Loyalty Key Fob

When is it that you most need reminded of your commitment to omission? When you’re most tempted.

Key Fob

Just as major supermarkets have loyalty cards to encourage you to spend your money with them, the Great Omission key fob is a similar device to help you remember your commitment to Christ and the Great Commission when you most need it.

Instead of buying an item out of temptation to love this world, let your Omission loyalty card remind you to trade earthly pleasures for heavenly treasures (2 Cor 4:16-18).  Here’s what to do:

  2. Send a text to 70070 to use your “earthly mammon” to win friends for eternity (OMIT242 to send £2, OMIT245 to send £5)
  3. Take the time that you would have spent in the queue or at the till to pray
  4. And by doing so, help reach unreached people!
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100% of your donation will go to Gospel for Asia’s Evangelistic Outreach fund. Administrative or fundraising costs are omitted from your donation.

Also, consider fasting a day per week or a meal and text the money that you would have spent on food to help reach the unreached. Take the time that you would have spent eating to pray.


Don’t Know About the Unreached?

Get Gospel for Asia’s FREE book Revolution in World Missions. This awesome book will help you understand the unreached world, Christ’s heart for it and what how the Lord is using people like you and us to reach the most unreached.

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Don’t Know How to Pray?

You’ll find helpful prayer resources in Gospel for Asia’s online shop. From world maps to information on how to pray for every country in the world, we’ll provide you with the resources that we can to help you make a difference through prayer.

You’ll also find additional resources to encourage you to continue on your journey to fulfil the Great Commission.

Great Omission Resource