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The Great Omission


What you can do!

Gospel for Asia is looking for people who will intentionally make decisions to omit simple things from their lives in order to reach those who have never heard of Jesus. The truth is, the cost of one latte is more than what the average Christian gives to reach the unreached in a month.

Will you answer God’s call to fulfil the Great Commission and make reaching the world for Christ a regular part of your life?




How much does it cost to double mission giving?

1 latte per week = average giving to mission.

1 latte per month = average giving to the unreached.

5 ways to take part:

1. Get a Great Omission keyfob. Similar to what you might get at your favourite supermarket, it’s to remind you of your loyalty to Christ over the world. While you’re out shopping, use it to remember the unreached. Go without some small item you might normally get and make a donation via your mobile to the unreached.

2. Sign up for the Great Omission Lent Campaign. We’ll send you information about how you can be involved this coming Lent 2014 to reach the most unreached, as well as simple ways to encourage your friends and church to get involved.

3. Get Equipped: Get one of Gospel for Asia’s free books or other Great Omission resources to help you reach the most unreached. Great Omission Resources »

4. Pray: Get a world map and make praying for the unreached a regular part of your life. Great Omission Resources »

5. Set up a Direct Debit to help reach the unreached. Even if it’s just the price of a latte per week (£10.00) or a latte per month (£2.50), it will help reach people who have never heard of Jesus.